Week 4 Summary

Okay guys we are almost at the end. That means that I am getting more and more work piled on. I am taking another course along with this one so this week has been HECTIC. Anyway, this week I did four daily creates. I miscalculated my time this week and one was late but I still enjoyed doing it. Well here they are!

  1. Immortality
  2. Believable Lie
  3. Interesting photo
  4. Colorful Socks

My favorite daily create was the one for today. It made me realize how close I am to finishing my undergraduate degree.

This week, I also completed a number of assignments. We had to read an article by the great Roger Ebert and watch two youtube videos about video creating and editing. With that information we had to write a review. Those were very eye opening assignments. It made me delve deeper into how to make videos. I think that made completing the rest of the weeks assignments much easier. Next I had to analyze a movie clip. I chose to analyze the Bruce Almighty clip because, come on, who doesn’t like Jim Carey.

On top of those other assignments, we had to create a new chaplin foley edit video. For mine, I chose my favorite sounds from what was available. This assignment was particularly challenging for me because it took me a long time to get the sound of the original video removed. But once I got the hang of it, I used the techniques I learned for other assignments.

The two video assignments I completed were very fun! I did a movie review and a time lapse video. The movie review was done on the movie Superbad. It took everything I had not to laugh while recording. I also learned that I still need to work on my public speaking because even in front of a camera, with no one else in the room, I am a nervous person. The time lapse video was special to me because I used the video my boyfriend and I recorded of me trimming and putting my beautiful roses into vases.

Finally this week I commented on about 22 blogs. That was a task in itself but I love doing that. Since I don’t get to see you guys everyday it makes me feel like I am interacting with you all :).

I do have to add that this week has been rough for me. I have a job and another class on top of this one. So time management it very hard. It saddened me to have to post this so late but better late than never…right? Anyway, there are two things missing from this post. My tutorial and created assignment. That hurts me even more because I actually have those assignments done. But I am a perfectionist so I rather have them as perfect as I can get them. This has inspired me to create my second assignment. Updates on that coming soon! Thanks for reading DS106 community!


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