Reverse Audio Quiz Tutorial

Hey guys so I decided to do my second tutorial on reversing audio. This tutorial, like the assignment is for beginners. Please do not be overwhelmed. This is one of the simplest things you could learn. Which I did not know when I started the process. But the first thing you should do is download audio editing software. I used Audacity for this assignment. After you have downloaded the correct software, choose any audio file that you would like to reverse. When you open it in Audacity it will look like this:



Okay so relax it looks like a lot but its not. That is just what the sound file looks like. Next you have to select a portion or the whole file by clicking and dragging or hitting ctrl+a.



From there you go to effect and click reverse.



The file should not be playing while you are doing all of these steps. Finally go to the file tab and click export!. Then you are done. From there you can upload the file to soundcloud or put it straight on your blog.

I am also attaching an audio file of a voice recording for those of you who need to hear a voice and not just read!

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