Po and the Furious Five’s Rendition of Unwritten

Everyone know’s the story of the Kung Fu Panda and the Furious Five. But did you guys know about their side job. Singing! Po and the Furious Five have been working for almost a year to prepare for a concert to perform for everyone in the Valley ¬†of Peace. They have created posters and music videos. All of the people who live in the valley are excited. Not only because Po and the Furious Five save their lives daily but also because they are singing one of the newest hit singles. Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

Po and The Furious Five went around the valley and posted these flyers



Mantis created these himself using chalk and black paper. He was very handy with the work he did since he is so small. The people living in the valley of the peace was so excited so that Po and the Furious Five had to release a little bit more. They wanted to keep their new fans happy. So as a prequel to the show, they shot a video and made a mashup of what they do best, saving the valley of the piece. In the video with the clips, they also had the famous Natasha Bedingfield song with the promise that Tigress and Viper sounded just like her. Here is the video that played in all the businesses in the valley of peace.

Now, it is time for the big concert. Everyone in the Valley gathered to hear them sing and maybe even dance a little. So Po and the Furious Five headed to the stage and started doing their thing! Here is the audiences reaction:

The next day a terrible review of the performance was released in the Valley of Peace Daily. Here is a clipping of the article.

newspaper article 1

This crushed the furious five but they knew that they did not do their best. It has been reported that they will stick with just their day job.


The inspiration for this idea came from my love of cartoons and Natasha Bedingfield. I chose the song because I was in a very uplifting mood. The story idea came from my daily life. Although none of those things happened to me, I am used to everything going wrong at once and that is exactly what happened in my story.


The poster was created in picasa, with a few filters. The audio was recorded with the voice recorder on my computer. I just played a youtube video while recording and personalized it with my voice. For the video, which I tried my very hardest on, it was created using wondershare. I uploaded some clips from the movie and added my music. Finally the newspaper article was generated with an online application.


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