Movie Talk and Show

This Video Assignment was fairly simple. I had to make a video review about a movie and show a clip of the movie I was discussing. Well that was pretty easy. I was very nervous about talking in front of the camera but I think I got my point across. To create the video, I used the wondershare software again.

Once the software is open I imported my review and my movie clip. (I am purposely keeping the movie title secret until the end. Keep reading guys!) To put the videos together, you simply drag and drop onto the video line section.


Next I split the movie clip section of the video. By doing that, it made it easier to delete the section I did not want. After I split the section I simply right clicked and hit delete.



Finally I exported the video straight to youtube. Although it was a pretty easy process the only downfall is the watermark added since this is a trial version.


My inspiration for choosing this movie is my love for dry comedy. I chose SuperBad. Between McLovin and the crooked cops, there was a perfect opportunity for me to do a review of this film. To find out more about why I chose this movie please watch my final video.


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  1. Randi Crabbe
    July 21, 2014 at 5:50 pm

    Just a tip for speaking in your own video, don’t lay your hand on your head and try to look at the camera more. Doing this makes you look bored with speaking. Also, maybe a script would help you? Relax and just pretend you’re talking to your friends, I promise it would be much better :)

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