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Hey Guys so above this post, you see I have the example of my assignment. Yes that is me failing miserably at taking down the arch we built at the science museum. Only I can get hurt in the childrens section of a museum lol.

So to create this gif, I actually have a tutorial video here. What I did for this assignment was to first download the KM Player and GIMP. Once those things are downloaded here are the next steps!

  1. Open your video in Windows movie maker and cut out the parts you do not want
  2. Open the new cut video in the KM Player
  3. Hit ctrl+g and put in the specifications for the screen capture
  4. open the folder with all the captured images and delete what you do not want
  5. Open the photos that you want as “layers” in gimp
  6. Go to filters, animation, and playback
  7. Export video with the .gif at the end and NOT .jpg
  8. Insert video on your blog

Eight steps sounds simple right? Well I simplified it so that you guys will go look at the video. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!! I want you guys to make it right the first time.

Also if you know of an easier way to make a gif please write a post and leave the link in the comments section. I’m sure others would like to know and so would I.

Here is the link for the assignment! Don’t forget to tag it.

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  1. July 23, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    That was very nice and creative, so glad you put up and tutorial for it. :)

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