Chaplin Foley Revamp

Hey ds106 community. So I have finally finished editing my chaplin foley video. It actually was not that hard for me. I started by choosing a video editing software. I started with my windows video maker but for the life of me I could not figure out how to take the sound out. So I ended up using a free trial of the software Wondershare. This program was so easy to use. The only downside was that there was a watermark on the video I completed. But it is small so I think thats okay.

Anyway, the sounds I used came from students, past and present, in the ds106 community. I tried to keep the same theme as what I used when I created my short foley sounds. I wanted to try to stay as true as possible to what I thought the sounds would sound like. In the places that I felt were lacking sound, I recorded my own.

I started by downloading the Chaplin video from YouTube. For that, I just typed in ss in front of youtube in the URL and clicked the format I wanted to download.




Next I opened the video in Wondershare. As you can see, there is the whole video. Before I did anything drastic I played around with the program for a bit and added a sequence for credits at the end of my video.



After playing around with the video for a bit I had to figure out how to remove the audio. When I tried to do this with other programs all I could do was mute it. If you just mute the current audio and add new audio, it sounds like a big mess. So I detached the audio from each scene.


After detaching the audio, I deleted each sound file to make room for the new clips of Foley. That was a simple process, I just had to right click and it was removed.



Finally I just copied uploaded the audio to Wondershare and drug the file to the audio line. I then simply added an intro and credit section with different music.



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  1. July 23, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    I really liked your video! And your blog post; you made the instructions so easy for people to follow, you could think about making a tutorial for this assignment.
    The only thing I have to say is about the volume on the WIndows Movie Maker; I use WIndows Live Movie Maker so I’m not sure if its the same but what I do is go to the movie options and there is a segment for volume for the video. This button is not about the volume you add but the music already found in the video, so what I did is just turn that all the way down, that way all you can hear is what I have added to the video.
    I hope this can help you in any way!

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