Week 4 Summary

Okay guys we are almost at the end. That means that I am getting more and more work piled on. I am taking another course along with this one so this week has been HECTIC. Anyway, this week I did four daily creates. I miscalculated my time this week and one was late but I still enjoyed doing it. Well… Read more →

Movie Talk and Show

This Video Assignment was fairly simple. I had to make a video review about a movie and show a clip of the movie I was discussing. Well that was pretty easy. I was very nervous about talking in front of the camera but I think I got my point across. To create the video, I used the wondershare software again.… Read more →

Flower Time Lapse Creation

Hey guys, so for this weeks visual assignment I decided to do a time lapse video of an activity. At first when I saw this assignment I thought to myself wow, this might be a little hard but after doing so many other assignments, it came to me very naturally. To start I had to actually film myself completing an… Read more →

Chaplin Foley Revamp

Hey ds106 community. So I have finally finished editing my chaplin foley video. It actually was not that hard for me. I started by choosing a video editing software. I started with my windows video maker but for the life of me I could not figure out how to take the sound out. So I ended up using a free… Read more →

What I learned about CINEMA

When I was younger, I remember looking at movies and just taking them for face value, you know, pretty pictures, funny lines, cute actors. But as I grew older I started to analyze what I saw. I started to look at the actual meaning of why the movie was made and what it was trying to portray. After reading Roger… Read more →

Week 3 Summary

This week was a very rough week for me. I have been driving between Richmond and Fredericksburg all week so completing my classwork was a struggle. So I had to work on a little bit at a time this week and complete finishing touches tonight. This week I completed four daily creates Photo representation of my life Modification of a… Read more →

Foley Fail and Success

This Foley assignment was the funnest by far. I loved this project. Although it was only a 30 second clip, there were a lot of actions in that time period. I had the 1:31 to 2:00 slot. For that 30 second slot, I counted seven actions. Tapping Leg Girl faints on ground Water splashing out of pan Lion Yawning Pan… Read more →

The daily create 7/13

Write an artistic statement for yourself; by all means, DO NOT USE http://www.artybollocks.com. Heck, do not even click http://www.artybollocks.com http://tdc.ds106.us/artistic-statement/   My work explores the relationship between Critical theory and emotional memories.With influences as diverse as Derrida and L Ron Hubbard, new variations are created from both orderly and random discourse. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by… Read more →