My name is Jasmine Cook. I grew up in a low middle class neighborhood in Richmond, VA. Despite not having much money growing up, I always made the best of any situation I was in. I knew that the only way my life would be different from my parents was to get a wonderful education.

My adult life started at a small college prep high school in the south side of Richmond.

Open High. This was a major step in my journey of becoming an adult. Because my school was not like other public schools, we did not have school buses, a gym, or even a cafeteria. Open High not only gave their students a wonderful education but taught us how to manage a schedule and be responsible. Instead of school buses we used public transportation. Instead of going to the gym for gym class we used the YMCA. Instead of a cafeteria we had to eat off campus. All of these things taught me how to manage my schedule to make sure I complete my daily tasks. It also taught me how to navigate any city that I went to. It gave me basic tools to become an adult.

My next step in life brought me to the University of Mary Washington!

I started out in the Student Transition Program in the summer of 2010 where I learned even more skills in time management and how to become a good college student. During all of my years at UMW, I have volunteered with numerous organizations, mentored many students, and kept a wonderful job at the James Farmer Multicultural Center. http://students.umw.edu/multicultural/


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    December 5, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    I really liked your website! it was well done! keep up the good work :)

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