Week 1 Summary: Enter the Stress Zone

Relish A Memoir of Eating




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The above four links are my daily creates for the week. (The photos are hyperlinked) This was by far the most creative I have been throughout my years here. These assignments made me think outside the box and creatively.

The next few assignments are my weekly posts.

  1. Lodown Zone Response
  2. Cyberinfrastructure Feedback
  3. Wesch: Interactive Learning
  4. Splash of Color
  5. Hawaii Chair Gif

Overall I feel like I completed the assignments for the week very well. I just want to toot my own horn for not giving up! This week was a real struggle for me. Alot of the new accounts I signed up for I had never used. I feel like I did A work this week. I spaced out the due dates for each assignment and made it a goal to learn something new everyday.

The thing that gave me the most trouble was the Splash of Color assignment. I realize that the video I found gave a kind of long method to get to the point of completion. But using GIMP for the first time was very overwhelming. Also learning how to tweet was a struggle. I had a twitter account for a while now but I barely used it. And when I did, I never replied to a tweet, so that was a very new experience for me.

The thing I enjoyed most was making the gif. Yes I know I just said that using GIMP gave me frustration. But I got the hang of it later on in the week. Choosing the photos I wanted to use and finally truly understanding what layers were, made this assignment very enjoyable.

The major question for the week that I would like to open to everyone is how are you guys keeping track of the correct tags for each assignment. All week I was going back and forth making sure everything was tagged correctly. Other than first using GIMP, this was my major downfall. I was just very confused about the whole tagging thing.

One of the societal issues surrounding this weeks work is exactly what Gardner Campbell discussed in his video. This week I realized how little I knew about emerging technology. I learned that other than updating posts here and there on facebook, I had no cyber infrastructure. Understanding the lack of personal cyber infrastructure, I made it a goal to continuously learn something new and not to give up while working on an assignment.

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