Interactive Learning

Wesch brought up numerous things that I relate to during his presentation. I have always complained about the learning technique used in school systems from elementary schools to higher education. Some teach for the goal of getting an A on a test or just to hear someone regurgitate information. But can we blame teachers for this? There are so many rules that state that students need to know this fact or that fact to be considered smart. Wesch’s approach to teaching is not that way. His approach is to engage students in the learning process.

One of the points in Wesch’s talk is to highlight the fact that the old concept of learning is changing. In that past, reading and writing was the most important thing you needed to learn. Now you should know how to edit video and communicate effectively using the web. When Wesch made that connection, it made me reflect on how I have learned new things in the past. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be around computers all the time. I learned at a young age to type and use the internet but I am still today learning how to communicate effectively.

I did not start using social media until I was in high school. Definitely not in a school setting. Until recently, my web skills did not go as far as using Facebook and Google. I have always viewed the internet as a place where people go to play games. Not a place that could be used for learning. Wesch’s presentation changed this view. He wants to get people to go away from the thinking that learning is just to acquire information, obey authority, or follow along in class.

His views apply to me through this course. I have never had a class where I could tweet my professor to ask a question or use anything other than Microsoft Office to display my knowledge. I hope that the skills that I learn from this experience will be able to be transferred to different areas of my life. The skills learned from creating your own domain or even a video should not be looked at in a narrow minded way. Learning how to do these things are sending me down different paths in search of information. It is helping me to branch out and ask questions. I am learning from my professor and everyone around me.


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