Hawaii Chair Gif


Hawaii Chair Infomercial

I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could take on a new challenge of video instead of just photos. This was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Using the Hawaii chair infomercial as inspiration, I made a quick gif. I first saw this infomercial about a year ago. One of my professors showed it to me to represent a bad business venture. It was even funnier when Ellen did a demonstration on her show using the chair.

To start making the gif, I went to one of my favorite how to sources, Youtube. I knew that I could use Gimp to create it but I did not know how to actually download the video. So I searched that to. I found out that if you enter ss in the beginning of your youtube url, after the www., it will take you to a site to download videos. I downloaded the video to the KMPlayer.

kmplayer test

After downloaded, I hit ctrl+G. That opened up the dialogue box pictured above. From there I started capturing the screenshots needed for the gif. Because the video was so long in length, it created over a hundred screen captures after a few seconds. I had to go through my files and delete the options I did not need. Next I opened GIMP.


In GIMP I went under the file tab and clicked “open as layers”. From there I selected all of the images that I kept from the KMPlayer. Then, as pictured above, I went to “Filters”, “Animation”, then “Playback”. From there all I had to do was save my gif.

I found out that to save a gif is not just as easy as clicking save as. I had to click export and add the .gif extension at the end. Finally my GIF was complete!

I learned all of the steps to create a gif from this video.

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