Computer Books For Kids

diary of a comp worm is the childrens book that I started this process with. I chose this book because of the type of assignment it was. The assignment was to create a childrens book with a computer topic. Well worms are related to computers as far as viruses go, so why not! The image that I created is what follows



I started this process on Microsoft word. I had to separate the book so that I could add my new title. I have highlighted the sections I separated in the following photo. step 1 doacw


From there I added a picture of a tiny computer. Next I edited the photo more in GIMP. This time I did not use a video because I have picked up a few techniques while playing around with the program. First I selected the draw selection tool. Then I copied certain sections to remove the pencil. I did this to the best of my ability, although I feel like if I had found a better technique, it would look a little cleaner.

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