The daily create 7/13

Write an artistic statement for yourself; by all means, DO NOT USE http://www.artybollocks.com. Heck, do not even click http://www.artybollocks.com http://tdc.ds106.us/artistic-statement/   My work explores the relationship between Critical theory and emotional memories.With influences as diverse as Derrida and L Ron Hubbard, new variations are created from both orderly and random discourse. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by… Read more →

Ringtone Creation!!!!

Hey guys, so I completed the audio assignment to create a ringtone. Now my inspiration for creating this was to put two annoying sounds together. Since I live in a house and have a dog, those sounds turn out to be a doorbell and barking. The barking sound did not come from my dog, but it is a very close… Read more →

Design Safari

Below are the photos I took on my design safari this week. The first photo comes from PetsMart. The color is a burgundy/beige color. That type of dim color could affect the customers mood by making them sad. I actually noticed that the cluttered aisle and bleak colors made me rethink my purchase. Also there is a very basic font with… Read more →

TEDxPhoenix Talk Reflection

This talk was lead by Kelli Anderson. She is an artists and she talks about how she makes things and why she composes them the way she does. Anderson discusses how important the small things are. How we should take how things are normally portrayed and disrupt them. How we should take different types of media and reinvent them. For… Read more →

Six-Word Memoir

Chaos the memoirs of me Jasmine C would be the title of my autobiography. This book would represent how chaotic my life has been over the years. As you can see from the hundreds of photos it shows many aspects of me. You will see teeko my Chihuahua, my boyfriend, family, friends, travel pics, school pics, everything. My graphic journey… Read more →