Reverse Audio Quiz Tutorial

Hey guys so I decided to do my second tutorial on reversing audio. This tutorial, like the assignment is for beginners. Please do not be overwhelmed. This is one of the simplest things you could learn. Which I did not know when I started the process. But the first thing you should do is download audio editing software. I used… Read more →

Reverse Audio Quiz

This is a childhood tv show from the 90′s It has a purple character All kids sand along Who knows the answer please comment below! The Real Answer Here   Assignment Link   On a side note, I chose to create this assignment because I love to do interactive pieces. I feel that if someone is taking the time out… Read more →

Home Video Gif

Hey Guys so above this post, you see I have the example of my assignment. Yes that is me failing miserably at taking down the arch we built at the science museum. Only I can get hurt in the childrens section of a museum lol. So to create this gif, I actually have a tutorial video here. What I did… Read more →

Week 4 Summary

Okay guys we are almost at the end. That means that I am getting more and more work piled on. I am taking another course along with this one so this week has been HECTIC. Anyway, this week I did four daily creates. I miscalculated my time this week and one was late but I still enjoyed doing it. Well… Read more →

Movie Talk and Show

This Video Assignment was fairly simple. I had to make a video review about a movie and show a clip of the movie I was discussing. Well that was pretty easy. I was very nervous about talking in front of the camera but I think I got my point across. To create the video, I used the wondershare software again.… Read more →

Flower Time Lapse Creation

Hey guys, so for this weeks visual assignment I decided to do a time lapse video of an activity. At first when I saw this assignment I thought to myself wow, this might be a little hard but after doing so many other assignments, it came to me very naturally. To start I had to actually film myself completing an… Read more →

Chaplin Foley Revamp

Hey ds106 community. So I have finally finished editing my chaplin foley video. It actually was not that hard for me. I started by choosing a video editing software. I started with my windows video maker but for the life of me I could not figure out how to take the sound out. So I ended up using a free… Read more →

Foley Fail and Success

This Foley assignment was the funnest by far. I loved this project. Although it was only a 30 second clip, there were a lot of actions in that time period. I had the 1:31 to 2:00 slot. For that 30 second slot, I counted seven actions. Tapping Leg Girl faints on ground Water splashing out of pan Lion Yawning Pan… Read more →