What I learned about CINEMA

When I was younger, I remember looking at movies and just taking them for face value, you know, pretty pictures, funny lines, cute actors. But as I grew older I started to analyze what I saw. I started to look at the actual meaning of why the movie was made and what it was trying to portray. After reading Roger… Read more →

Week 3 Summary

This week was a very rough week for me. I have been driving between Richmond and Fredericksburg all week so completing my classwork was a struggle. So I had to work on a little bit at a time this week and complete finishing touches tonight. This week I completed four daily creates Photo representation of my life Modification of a… Read more →

Sound Effects Quiz!

Hey guys so I have created a story, using only sounds. I decided to make mine like a little quiz. Can you guess what my sound effects is about? Anyway, lets get down to business. Without giving away the answer, I decided instead of using a random selection of files I wanted to try to portray a process. From my… Read more →

Cow Joke

So there are two cows eating grass on a farm and two pleasantly plump people watching them. Girl 1: Wow look at how big those cows are Girl 2: Yeah I see, they look like they will make a nice meal Cow 1: Wow look at how big those cows are Cow 2: Shakes head   Here is the link… Read more →

Computer Books For Kids

 is the childrens book that I started this process with. I chose this book because of the type of assignment it was. The assignment was to create a childrens book with a computer topic. Well worms are related to computers as far as viruses go, so why not! The image that I created is what follows   I started this… Read more →

New Law Addition

If I had to create a new law, in a PERFECT world, I would get rid of money.   Society bases so many things on economical status and how many things you have. If we got back down to basics and traded for things, maybe this world would not be so difficult. For example, I am graduating soon, but I… Read more →

Week 1 Summary: Enter the Stress Zone

    The above four links are my daily creates for the week. (The photos are hyperlinked) This was by far the most creative I have been throughout my years here. These assignments made me think outside the box and creatively. The next few assignments are my weekly posts. Lodown Zone Response Cyberinfrastructure Feedback Wesch: Interactive Learning Splash of Color… Read more →

Hawaii Chair Gif

  I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could take on a new challenge of video instead of just photos. This was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Using the Hawaii chair infomercial as inspiration, I made a quick gif. I first saw this infomercial about a year ago. One of my professors showed… Read more →

Splash of Color!

  My inspiration behind choosing this photo was simply picking a cute photo of my baby brother. I took this photo about three years ago and I wanted to see what I could do with it. When I chose this assignment I thought that it would be simple. It was not! I started out with a very complicated photo of… Read more →

Interactive Learning

Wesch brought up numerous things that I relate to during his presentation. I have always complained about the learning technique used in school systems from elementary schools to higher education. Some teach for the goal of getting an A on a test or just to hear someone regurgitate information. But can we blame teachers for this? There are so many rules… Read more →