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Week 1 Summary: Enter the Stress Zone

    The above four links are my daily creates for the week. (The photos are hyperlinked) This was by far the most creative I have been throughout my years here. These assignments made me think outside the box and creatively. The next few assignments are my weekly posts. Lodown Zone Response Cyberinfrastructure Feedback Wesch: Interactive Learning Splash of Color… Read more →

Hawaii Chair Gif

  I chose this assignment because I wanted to see if I could take on a new challenge of video instead of just photos. This was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Using the Hawaii chair infomercial as inspiration, I made a quick gif. I first saw this infomercial about a year ago. One of my professors showed… Read more →

Splash of Color!

  My inspiration behind choosing this photo was simply picking a cute photo of my baby brother. I took this photo about three years ago and I wanted to see what I could do with it. When I chose this assignment I thought that it would be simple. It was not! I started out with a very complicated photo of… Read more →

Interactive Learning

Wesch brought up numerous things that I relate to during his presentation. I have always complained about the learning technique used in school systems from elementary schools to higher education. Some┬áteach for the goal of getting an A on a test or just to hear someone regurgitate information. But can we blame teachers for this? There are so many rules… Read more →

DS106 zone Lodown 001 Response

The DS106 zone lodown is a podcast that Scottlo has created to give advice or information to students who were in ds106. He wanted to focus on the importance of audio in the ds106 course. His shows will only be five to seven minutes in length with longer shows maybe once a week. He talked about the idea of a… Read more →

A bit overwhelmed

Yesterday was a bit overwhelming for me. I was unsure of how and what to submit for assignments and what to read for the course. I am taking another course and I have a job so yesterday was very rough for me. It did not break my confidence though. I submitted all that I could but I realized that it… Read more →